How To 8x Your Business Profit, In 12 Months! 

The tried and tested method 

As an Industry Leader, Business Owner, CEO, or anyone who is steering the ship, you’re well aware of the importance of reaching, and sustaining a profitable business. 
I am Daphne Thomson, and I am here to show you how you can not only increase, but 8x your business profit in as little as 12 months.
Through a phased approach focused on fully optimizing, understanding, and troubleshooting and operational efficiencies - I assist in increasing profits.
If you find yourself hitting a brick wall constantly, 
  • Your revenue grows, but your profit stays the same
  • ​You NEVER have enough time - for business, or your personal life
  • ​You’ve unwittingly created your own entrepreneurial jail, and now you're STUCK
  • ​ You spend family time focused on your phone - never paying attention to those you’re working so hard for
  • ​You have one GREAT month, followed by multiple, dismal, disappointing months
Here’s a bit about what you can expect! 
  •  Why customers purchasing patterns change, and how to combat it
  • ​How to accurately identify your key value proposition
  • ​How to ‘cut your losses’, and move past operational debt 
  • ​How to optimize your Digital Marketing Assets
  • ​How to boost your profits, while saving time! 

We Have The Secret, And We Want To Share It With You! 

If the only constant is change, what does that mean for your business? 

As an Industry Leader, CEO, Business Owner, or Entrepreneur - you are no stranger to the fact that PROFIT = SUCCESS. A business that cannot sustain its profit, cannot sustain itself.

Over the years, many, many clients have approached us with a single, predictable problem… One fantastic month is followed by 3 really bad ones, and no one can seem to figure out why.

Here's what you need to know

  • Purchasing patterns change
  • ​Budgets are restricted 
  • ​Buying power decreases 
  • ​Customers lose interest 

There is a way to combat this!

Through a phased approach, focussing on operational debt, operational efficiencies, as well as existing digital assets, you too can transform your business - and 8X your profit, sustainably!


I am all about the value, so I am here to show you how to break out of the Entrepreneurial Jail that you’ve unknowingly created for yourself! 
  • Learn how to identify operational debt
  • ​Learn how to identify, and eradicate unnecessary operational expenses
  • ​Learn how to tap into, and expand on your value proposition 
  • ​Learn how to optimize your digital assets 
  • ​Learn the undeniable value of a holistic digital marketing strategy

Boost Your Profit Like A Pro 

  • Truly understand your customer 
  • ​Budgets are restricted 
  • ​Buying power decreases 
  • ​Create lasting value

Who is Daphne Thomson? 

“Your success is a different color to mine, the key is to identify the goals, before you outline the obstacles.”
- Daphne Thomson
Well, who is Daf?

Daphne Thomson is a highly successful entrepreneur, Consultant, Business Owner, SWE Ambassador and founder of Catch The Beat, as well as Daphne Thomson Consulting.

After years working for Agencies, performing for someone else's bottom line, and still watching them struggle in spite of a collection of strategies and plans, Daphne decided that it was time to take this knowledge to a new level, to really get results, and to completely revolutionize the way business is perceived and conducted. In 2014, Daphne created an Agency that she would want to hire, that she would trust to get our results!

After starting her agency in South Africa, and quickly turning it into a flourishing 6-Figure business, Daphne decided it was time for a change! She spent a year in Japan, focusing on personal and professional growth, all while planning her next move.

With a strong desire to create wealth for market leaders, coupled with an indisputable talent for business and growth, Daphne spent time in Texas increasing her network and moved to Canada to start a family.

Enter, Daphne Thomson Consulting.

As a business consultant, Daphne strives to identify challenges that her clients' businesses face, while devising a strategy and an action plan to fully optimize their business!

Daphne is here to give SIGHT to your VISION, to create wealth for you, so that you can impact your community!

 The Proof Is In The Pudding 

Numbers speak volumes, and in most cases, offer more value than the word!

We live for results, you could even say that our motto is something along the lines of, ‘if there aren't clear results, what’s the point?”
In just 12 months, we took this client from 178 000.00, to a whopping 1.5 MILLION, in profit! 

So how do you do it? 

Business is an ecosystem, it’s the key to a well-oiled machine! You should love saving as much as you do spending! The relationship between operational debt and marketing strategies are symbiotic. Growth and Profit is a combination of tactics, strategies, and tools, that when used together - are the key to your success. 

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